Who is Eva?

A super relaxed London wedding photographer. I show up wearing converse and sometimes talk a bit too much. But then I shut up and pour my whole heart into your pictures. Usually cry during speeches and chat with grandpas.

Love meeting and shooting cool and happy people, especially the ones in love. I’ve been doing it as a full time job for a couple of years now and it never gets boring.

Well, I could write a novel here, but it’s not really about me. It’s all about you and your day. I want you to have wedding photographs full of emotions and faces of people you love.

Let’s just meet and chat about it over a cup of tea. Or an espresso martini.

And aside from photography – a cat lady & kitchen dancer.

I’m spontaneous and I like things that are a little bit different (my dad says I’m just weird).
So many guilty pleasures – cheesy disco music (hello Bee Gees) and Fast and Furious series are just the beginning.

I don’t seem like someone who cares about traditional stuff but I’m a softie, a Christmas freak (I used to decorate two trees. in the same room), and deep down a bloody romantic.

Things I love: driving, rock music, ‘Penny Dreadful’, Barcelona, asian food, concerts, tattoos, shoes, travelling, balloons (and lots and lots of confetti!), motorbikes, strawberries, yoga, salsa dancing, breakfasts, burlesque, black and white photography, Tarantino movies (maybe except the last one…).

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I’m great at photographing people.

Portraits, artists and corporate head shots, boudoir photo shoots, engagement shoots and whatever you come up with. Often do commercial jobs – business head shots, parties, corporate events, conferences, and interiors. If you have a business and want to show it off online, give me a shout!

You can check out my new commercial photography website – evaslusarek.com

Not just weddings…

My approach


My style is definitely relaxed, fun, cheese free, and with a bit of an edge.
I want to be like a friend with a camera at your wedding, blending in with guests, shooting where the action is. Making the family photo time quick and fun (cause who wants to spend an hour standing in line ups?!).
Laughing with you while taking some gorgeous portraits of you and your other half.



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