Portrait photography: Headshots – Keyah
I photographed this beautiful lady back in March (see, I am finally catching up with my blogging a bit!). Her name is Keyah Beckford and she's a young actress. We set up a little headshot session, it was a pure pleasure to take pictures of this fabulous girl! If you'd like me to photograph your head sho ...
Travel photography: Norway
Yes, I do realise it's July. That it's summer, and there's even some sunshine in London! But for a change, just in case you're sitting at work and getting tired of looking at your friends' beach holiday photos - here's some snow for you! :) Here are pictures I took in Norway while visiting my friend back in March. She lives in a ...
Portrait photography: Justyna
  I'm not even going to comment (again) on the fact that nothing happened on this blog for another month :) I will just introduce you to lovely Justyna I photographed some time ago. Gotta love these beautiful wild hair!  
Portrait photography: Twig
I don't really photograph professional models. Somehow started with photographing girls I knew, then clients for portraits and never even tried fashion photography. Well, with my very moderate interest in fashion (I am one of those rare women who don't see shopping as recreation), I never thought I would be any good at photographi ...
Irish Castle Vintage Wedding
Wedding photography: Emese + Mark – We got featured!
I'm super (really, SUPER) excited to share the news that a beautiful humanist wedding of Emese and Mark that I had a honour of shooting last year got featured on the super lovely Want That Wedding blog! I've been keeping these pictures under wraps a little bit but now you can head to the blog and see the photos and read the whole ...
Bye bye 2013, hello 2014!
Year 2013 was good to me, full of fun and photography. But best of all were people I met - oh I made some amazing friends last year! I wish you a lot of great people around in 2014, with them by your side you can conquer the world!   Here are some pictures I took in 2013, mix of photo shoots and private snaps. &nbs ...
Holiday snaps from the lake side
Just looked at this blog and couldn't believe - has it been a month already? Time flies when you're busy, and days got so much darker and shorter.. So let's come back to long sunny August days. These are photos from my trip to Mazury - which is a kind of Polish Lake District. Have a happy and warm Monday!
London Tattoo Convention 2013
Those who know me, know that I love tattoos. Personally have just one so far, but there will be definitely more added in the future. Especially that there are some amazing artists out there putting an incredible art on peoples' bodies. I spent great afternoon admiring work of many of them at the London Tattoo Convention at The Toba ...
Portrait photography: Piotr
During my holidays last month, when I travelled around Poland a bit, I went home for a few days. Going home usually means running around like a headless chicken - visiting family, seeing doctors and lots of shopping and. This time I took the time to relax and do nothing for a bit. But there's always time to catch up with old frien ...
Engagement session: Noora & Wolfgang
Warning! Cuteness overload! A few weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny day, in an amazing gardens in Wroclaw I photographed the nicest couple ever. Please meet Noora and Wolfgang, who will be getting married next year in Poland. I'm available for couple portrait sessions and wedding photography in London, and ...
Portrait photography: Meadhbh Boyd
A few years ago, back when I lived in Ireland, I photographed a music competition for an online magazine. That's when I saw Meadhbh playing with her band, and met her briefly. They were my favorites and in the end won the competition! Ages later it turned out we both live in London so we met up and been friends since. When sh ...
Portrait photography: Malgorzata
Yes, I'm alive!  Not only it's been a busy summer (sudden sunny weather in June surprised London and probably threw us all out of the loop, and we rushed to parks and rooftops to enjoy the warmth and jars of Pimms) but I managed to go away for over two weeks. So many photos to share with you in coming weeks! Today I want to show ...