Little Saturday road trip
I could work as a taxi driver. Or a truck driver even! Being behind the wheel and strolling through the fields and villages relaxes and makes me happy. Since I have a car, every time sun is out (if you don;t know - in Ireland it's an event!) I try to get out of town. Sometimes we just go in random direction, searching for new excit ...
Music Photography: Gemma Hayes in Christchurch, Cork
On Thursday we went to see Gemma Hayes playing live in Cork's new great venue Christchurch. Frankly I never heard Gemma before, but my friend is a huge fan so I decided to go check her out. And what a lovely girl she is! I'm not a specialist and not going to write a review here but I really loved her soulful voice. It's not maybe t ...
Portrait Photography: Erika
Couple of weeks ago I posted two pictures of my beautiful friend Erika on facebook. Here's a few more. Taken in my bedroom, with natural window light
Studio portrait photo shoot with Patrycja
Frankly I was a bit scared and worried about this photo shoot. Being a totally self thought photographer, never took a single shot in the studio. And here we had this idea, just rented the place for a few hours and thought  "what will be will be". I got a quick 10 minutes introduction to the equipment, put on some nice music, opene ...