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Personal: kind of a photo diary
Even though I love sharing photos of my fantastic couples, I think I'll show you something a bit different today. Photography has been my hobby and passion for so many years, I used to carry my camera around a lot (even the heavy chunky Canon) and shoot random things. A few years ago I even attempted a 366 day project - taking a ph ...
What happens when you let a photographer loose on a rainy day in Montmartre.. One rainy day after shooting a wedding in Paris.  
Mothers, get photographed!
Yesterday I chatted on the phone to my old friend. We used to study together back in Poland, now we both live in London and see each other definitely not often enough (busy London lives, right?). She's got a pair of lovely little twins and just moved to a far south west part of London, so I said I’d come over for a picnic in their ...
Travel: Lisbon by
Travel photography: Lisbon
The plan was different. Today I was supposed to blog the selection of pictures from my Instagram - March was my black and white month and I wanted to show off some of these shots. But I just can't - have you seen this SUNSHINE outside?! There's no place for monochrome when the world is so beautiful and warm. All I wanna do it lay o ...
Travel photography: Norway
Yes, I do realise it's July. That it's summer, and there's even some sunshine in London! But for a change, just in case you're sitting at work and getting tired of looking at your friends' beach holiday photos - here's some snow for you! :) Here are pictures I took in Norway while visiting my friend back in March. She lives in a ...
London Tattoo Convention 2013
Those who know me, know that I love tattoos. Personally have just one so far, but there will be definitely more added in the future. Especially that there are some amazing artists out there putting an incredible art on peoples' bodies. I spent great afternoon admiring work of many of them at the London Tattoo Convention at The Toba ...
Travels: South of France
In May I had a chance to go to France for couple of days for some meetings. We drove from Grenoble down to Aix-en-Provence and the scenery was amazing, however France didn't welcome us with warmth but rain and heavy clouds. It got brighter for the last day and we managed to walk around lovely Aix. For me the highlight of the trip ...