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The title of this blog should probably be: 'Portrait photography - Ola and The Hair' as her untamed locks are utterly amazing. Having had quite short hair most of my life myself, I've always dreamt about curls (there was a perm episode in my life too!) and I'm drawn to shooting women with crazy hair - the wilder the better. Anyway, Ola is a lovely, sassy lady with many talents and I loved photographing her. I shot these portraits last summer as my first practice with Fujifilm camera. Weddings kind of took over my life in the last year I really miss shooting portraits so decide to do a little promotion - all portrait shoots in April are ...
London Wedding Photographer
Us photographers don't get to be on the other side of the camera too often. We spend our lives making portraits of others and documenting their lives, usually ending up with just handful of selfies (yep, check my about page - all selfies;)). I don't remember the last time someone took a picture f my with anything other than an iPhone. So with my gorgeous friends Mairéad, Lex and Chloe we came up with an idea to shoot each other (less bloody that it sounds!). Four photographers= four models. We went for a walk on a chilly December day and created portraits of each other. For a while I wanted to test my beautiful little Fujifilm camera in co ...
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I will try. A totally spontaneous note.
We already established I’m shit at blogging. I cannot stick to any kind of schedule and writing is just such a pain (probably even more pain for you to read it). I always say that I’m just more of a image than word kind of person. And probably anyone who never met me could believe it, but if we crossed paths you know I talk and talk and talk. So many words. But I really want to blog, and make it work, and I subscribe to all these articles on how to write better and they usually end up in my ‘to read’ folder. So I’m making an effort. I got a super cool new camera (joining the wonderful Fujifilm family) with the resolution to photograph more ...
Yoga photo shoot London - eva photography
Portrait photo shoots don't have to be a big deal with hear and make up and posing. I want portraits to be about who you are. Sometimes it's all about photographing you in your natural habitat, or doing things you love. That's how this yoga portrait shoot with Eva happened. Peace, harmony, yogi tea, and maybe a little bit of make up ;)   I invented new asana - Christmas Tree :)   How about booking your own personal portrait session? Check out my portrait gallery and email me asap for details!
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I've known Sabina since we were little kids playing together in the playground. We finished high school together. Now we live in different countries, I run around with my camera, she is a coach and psychotherapist. We haven't seen each other for years so I was seriously excited when she asked me to take photos for her new website. And we actually managed to take some portraits in between catching up and gossiping ;)  
How to look good in your business picture
How to look good in your professional picture // PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY // LONDON
There's not many things as effective to spread the wave of horror through your office than announcing that a photographer will be coming to do some head shots. People hide under their desks, run screaming and a sudden epidemics of a 'stomach flu' is spreading like wildfire. You imagine this boring suited guy coming into the office with a mountain of equipment, putting you in front of a white background and trying to make you look serious and professional. You stand there with lights in front of your face, making an effort to look relaxed but really this drip of sweet is going down your back and suddenly you miss the sight of a giant excel rep ...
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Today main stars on the blog are lovely Rhianna and her cool big fur coat. This gorgeous girl has an amazing style! We shot this in my little home studio on a winter day (yes, it's a bout time I shared it with you!). I'm actually moving in to a very cool studio space very very soon, and can't wait to start shooting there! Give me a shout if you'd like to get some cool portraits done :)
Mothers, get photographed!
Yesterday I chatted on the phone to my old friend. We used to study together back in Poland, now we both live in London and see each other definitely not often enough (busy London lives, right?). She's got a pair of lovely little twins and just moved to a far south west part of London, so I said I’d come over for a picnic in their new garden and bring my camera. Naturally she mentioned taking some photos of her kids, and at the same moment I caught myself saying ‘and we’ll take some pictures of you, for them’!! And that wasn’t something she thought about. This is a thing that keeps coming back to me so often these days - having pictures ...
London portrait photographer: Ania
Hi! If you think you need a special occasion for having your pictures taken, you can't be more wrong. I keep saying that to everyone, but I'm not better - you cannot find one decent picture of me (that is not a phone selfie;)). So I decided to get photographed as well. I want to do it soon so watch this space! Today I introduce you lovely Anna, who by the way didn't wait for a special occasion and contacted me to organise a portrait photo shoot. This is what we created on one very cold December morning. If you would like to get some portraits, either just for fun or for work, don't wait and drop me an email!
Portrait photography: Headshots – Keyah
I photographed this beautiful lady back in March (see, I am finally catching up with my blogging a bit!). Her name is Keyah Beckford and she's a young actress. We set up a little headshot session, it was a pure pleasure to take pictures of this fabulous girl! If you'd like me to photograph your head shots just shoot me an email on !