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Portraits and head shots

Portrait photography: Piotr
During my holidays last month, when I travelled around Poland a bit, I went home for a few days. Going home usually means running around like a headless chicken - visiting family, seeing doctors and lots of shopping and. This time I took the time to relax and do nothing for a bit. But there's always time to catch up with old frien ...
Portrait photography: Meadhbh Boyd
A few years ago, back when I lived in Ireland, I photographed a music competition for an online magazine. That's when I saw Meadhbh playing with her band, and met her briefly. They were my favorites and in the end won the competition! Ages later it turned out we both live in London so we met up and been friends since. When sh ...
Portrait photography: Malgorzata
Yes, I'm alive!  Not only it's been a busy summer (sudden sunny weather in June surprised London and probably threw us all out of the loop, and we rushed to parks and rooftops to enjoy the warmth and jars of Pimms) but I managed to go away for over two weeks. So many photos to share with you in coming weeks! Today I want to show ...
Personal branding portrait: Gosia
What I really love in photographing women is the process of discovering different sides of them, bringing out this different look in their eye. And it's incredible how much it changes how they feel and act when having a beautiful make up and clothes on. Gosia is a personal and business coach. Initially we intended to take mostly ...
Portrait photography: Monika
Meet Monika, super adventurous and courageous woman who let me show a little bit softer side of her. Photography, styling and make up by me. If you would like to get a little bit of make over and a portrait photo shoot please contact me for more details. Hope to see you soon! Eva xx
Portrait photography: Stephen
I spent last Saturday with a photographer and lovely soul Stephen Cotterell. Couple months back he came up with an idea for us to take photos of each other. That was a great day of taking pictures, playing with the photographic equipment and very inspiring conversations. So this is Stephen through my lens.
London portrait photography: Emma
This is Emma - a mother, a scientist and a truly beautiful woman, inside and out.
London portrait photography: Karoliina
No words necessary. Shooting this fantastic woman an a lovely day was so much fun!   If you would like to treat yourself to a portrait photo shoot, go ahead and drop me an email!
London portrait photography: Gabi
This was such an amazing shoot! Gabi is great and we had really fantastic time experimenting around my flat (yes, these were taken in my own bedroom and living room, real McGyver style!). I hope you enjoy these portraits of different sides of Gabi ;) Make up, hair and styling by me. Of course click on the photos to see the s ...
London portrait photography: Drita
These couple of nice sunny days last month allowed me finally to do some photos I was waiting for. And finally I got to photograph lovely Drita! We wandered around beautiful Paddington soaking up afternoon sun. If you live in London and would like to have a portrait photo shoot, don't be shy and drop me an ema ...