I will try. A totally spontaneous note.


We already established I’m shit at blogging. I cannot stick to any kind of schedule and writing is just such a pain (probably even more pain for you to read it). I always say that I’m just more of a image than word kind of person. And probably anyone who never met me could believe it, but if we crossed paths you know I talk and talk and talk. So many words. But I really want to blog, and make it work, and I subscribe to all these articles on how to write better and they usually end up in my ‘to read’ folder.

So I’m making an effort. I got a super cool new camera (joining the wonderful Fujifilm family) with the resolution to photograph more of my everyday life and world around me, so along with this I will blog more. Not only ‘oh look at these pretty wedding pictures’ but ‘hey I’m a human and I have a life and why not to share a bit of it with you’. I will stop worrying how does it sound, that english is not my first language and it’s not as good as I would like it to be. I’m still a photographer and I want to speak mainly through my pictures, but I’ll try to talk to you too.

This is Agnieszka, a lovely girl I used to work with in my last (and hopefully really LAST) office job. We met up yesterday with a plan of going for a walk and ended up in a pub watching rain going crazy outside. So this is the only photo I brought back from the first stroll with my beautiful new Fuji.

fuji portrait
The next  ‘look at the pretty wedding pictures’ post coming soon 🙂