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If someone told me I can have only one app on my iPhone only, I’m pretty sure I’d stick to Instagram (oh, wait, how to do even live without Google Maps then?! Damn, I’m in trouble). Anyway, I’ve been posting since I got my first iPhone over three years ago and it’s the only diary I have. Actually Im planning to print little books out of it, I will definitely show you once it’s done!

It’s been mobile pictures only all this time, but for a while now I’ve been playing with idea of posting my work on instagram as well, in the end I didn’t really love it on my personal profile. So there it is, my official photography Instagram account. I decided to keep it black & white only. Just for fun 🙂

london wedding photography

Go ahead, follow (there will be some exclusive previews!), like, comment and spread the word my dear friends! And share with me your instagram pages or stuff that you like so I can follow too! Cheers! xx