London Tattoo Convention 2013


Those who know me, know that I love tattoos. Personally have just one so far, but there will be definitely more added in the future. Especially that there are some amazing artists out there putting an incredible art on peoples’ bodies. I spent great afternoon admiring work of many of them at the London Tattoo Convention at The Tobacco Dock couple of weeks ago. Something tells me I might get under the needle there next year 😉

Most of the people still have a misconception of the tattoos. They think of tribals, bad lettering or pinup girls. And when these are still doing well, more and more often you can see true art, that would have been on the walls of galleries, now being exhibited peoples’ bodies. So you could think of the convention as a big art show.

It’s not the best place to document the beauty of artists’s work, however I did take some pictures that you can see below.

Dark Arts models - London Tattoo Convention 2013 -