There’s not many things as effective to spread the wave of horror through your office than announcing that a photographer will be coming to do some head shots. People hide under their desks, run screaming and a sudden epidemics of a ‘stomach flu’ is spreading like wildfire. You imagine this boring suited guy coming into the office with a mountain of equipment, putting you in front of a white background and trying to make you look serious and professional. You stand there with lights in front of your face, making an effort to look relaxed but really this drip of sweet is going down your back and suddenly you miss the sight of a giant excel report waiting at your screen…

STOP. This is not how it has to be!

Taking your head shot does’t have to be a horror. First of all, it doesn’t have to be a classic studio portrait on white background if you don’t want to. I shot head shots in conference rooms, outside of the building, in the park, or with office as a background. And I swear, it was a good laugh (at least most of the time).

Professional pictures are important (are you on LinkedIn? Do you EVER check out profiles without pictures? Do you take seriously tweets of a faceless professional? I didn’t think so). Especially if you’re building a brand for your small business, a good portrait will help your customers to connect with you and your brand.

I thought I’d make your life easier and give you a little advise how to look good in your professional picture:

  1. Go for a colour portrait instead of black and white
  2. Make sure you brush your hair and refresh your make up (not too much make up tho!)
  3. Wear a make up you would do for a formal night out, avoid shimmering shades and too strong eye liner.
  4. Don’t wear strong patterns or too many layers – something simple and close to your body won’t take the focus from your face and will make you look slimmer
  5. If you normally wear glasses it would be the best to take a photo in them. However if you happen to have an extra frame without lenses please bring them – it will allow to take a picture without reflections.
  6. Posing is not your job (photographer will guide you), however remember about keeping your back straight and not drooping your arms and shoulders down – it makes you look tired and a little bit sad
  7. Make sure you are looking at the lens
  8. Move your chin slightly forward and down – it gives a great jawline and makes your eyes pop
  9. Smile not to a camera but to your photographer – you need to be looking at the lens but think about the person behind it, I promise that it’s a nice person and your on the same side – you both want to take a nice photo of you! So smile like you just got given a big fat chocolate muffin from your photographer (or whatever would make you happy, chocolate always works for me. Or kittens).
  10. Relax and enjoy this moment of being a star – who knows, maybe the best picture of you is being taken right now! (I know, you are ”not photogenic” – we all think that until we meet a right photographer).

Here’s a few head shots I took recently for London School of Economics – not so serious pictures for a serious institution 😉

More head shots and other commercial work you can see on my website evaslusarek.com (this is what I do when not photographing people in love).

How to look good in your business picture

If you'd like me to photograph you just give me a shout!