Travel photography: My winter trip to Poland & Christmas markets


Hello from Poland! I’m in Szczecin now, and even though weather is rather November like than Christmassy, holidays spirit is definitely in the air (oh I’m gonna definitely feel it tomorrow doing some last minute shopping, that’s gonna be an adventure…).
I spent first week of my holidays travelling spending time with some amazing friends and visiting Christmas markets.  Here are some pictures from Krakow and Wroclaw, probably one of the most beautiful places in Poland.

The day was a little bit grey but with the evening coming markets on the legendary main square in Krakow were coming to life with beautiful lights and lots of delicious food.
Couple of days later I headed to Wroclaw to visit a lovely friend of mine. Have to say I was surprised but had to admit that the market in Wroclaw was even more beautiful than Krakow with all the little wooden booths.