A super relaxed wedding photographer. I'm very much into humanist weddings, city weddings, festival weddings, intimate weddings, let's-do-whatever-we-want weddings.
Love meeting and shooting happy people, especially the ones in love. I’ve been doing it as a full time job for half of a decade now and it never gets boring.

I’m a girl racer wannabe, a cat lady & kitchen dancer. Just bought my first motorbike.
I love driving, my cat, live music, shoes, confetti, breakfasts, dancing, “Penny Dreadful”, motorbikes, road trips, Christmas, funky wallpapers, cocktails, Barcelona, strawberries, big sunglasses, Tarantino, sound of the sea, plants.

My approach

My style is definitely relaxed, fun, cheese free, and with a bit of an edge.
I want to be a friend with a camera at your wedding, blending in with guests, shooting where the action is.
Making the family photo time quick and fun
(because who wants to spend an hour standing in line ups?!).
Laughing with you while taking some gorgeous portraits of you.

During your wedding day, the photography should be the last thing for you to stress about. No matter if your planning a classic elegant white wedding or rock’n roll extravaganza, I’ll be there making sure to capture all moments and details that you poured your heart into and people you love. All you need to do is to enjoy and celebrate marrying your other half!


My most popular package for a full day wedding is £2000.

Coverage for micro weddings starts at £550.

Shoot me an email for more details.