Yesterday I chatted on the phone to my old friend. We used to study together back in Poland, now we both live in London and see each other definitely not often enough (busy London lives, right?). She’s got a pair of lovely little twins and just moved to a far south west part of London, so I said I’d come over for a picnic in their new garden and bring my camera. Naturally she mentioned taking some photos of her kids, and at the same moment I caught myself saying ‘and we’ll take some pictures of you, for them’!! And that wasn’t something she thought about.
This is a thing that keeps coming back to me so often these days – having pictures of my parents. My sister got married this year and I’m ashamed to admit that it was the fist time in many years when we got photographed as a family. And we might not be the best looking bunch, but who cares, we are happy and together. Pictures from this wedding were published on a wedding blog, and are pretty cool, but for me these few pictures with my parents are absolutely the most important and beautiful thing.
Wedding family pictures

Wedding family pictures

Wedding family pictures
Don’t wait until you loose weight, feel better about yourself, or can afford this amazing dress you saw, just go for it and get yourself a portrait shoot, what the hell, I’m sure it’s gonna be fun and you will enjoy it too.
I know you’re making sure to have hundreds of pictures of your baby, documenting this new life, but I beg you, don’t forget to include yourself in this story. Pictures of you will become priceless for your children, and this is what they will love to have in 20, 30 or 50 years from now – you, exactly how you are right now.
And believe me, I’m not writing it as a photographer who wants to get more clients in front of the camera, but as a daughter. And sister.
Coincidentally one of my friends posted this little picture on Facebook today and it kind of say what I want to say – you’re the most important in your kids life, give them your photographs! They will be priceless one day.

If you'd like me to photograph you just give me a shout!