Hello! Can you feel the smell of spring in the air? I spent 30 minutes this afternoon sitting in the sun and it felt gloruous! One of the reasons I love spring (except the spring 2020 but let’s petend it never happened) is that’s when I’m back to shooting my lovely couples! In the spring we start scheduling the pre-wedding shoots for the season.

One day I will probably finish the dedicated blog post with reasons why having a pre-wedding shoot is actually an amazing idea. But for now I will just tell you that Mel and Pete’s shoot is one of those 2020 ones that let us have something wedding related to do in the time when my couples’ wedding dates got moved and moved again. A little moment of happiness and feeling like the wedding is actually happening.

I met Mel and Pete at their home in Herne Hill and we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Had a coffee at their fave place. They showed me a magic garden hidden in the local park. It was absolutely lovely.

Here are some pictures from their South London pre-wedding shoot (still sticking to the ‘under 30’ rule!)

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