I just read an interesting article – Apple will be trying to change the standard of the USB ports to a brand new, super fast and smart kind. I really don’t want to ramble about technicalities. The main point of this article was – the USB connections that we use now might become obsolete in a matter of few years.

It got me thinking. When I first started photographing weddings, I used to prepare DVDs with images for my clients. I would print out labels for discs and cases myself to make them look nice, as it was very expensive to have it done professionally. Then different companies started offering beautiful and affordable cases so wedding pictures could be stored in style. With time files we saved for clients got bigger, DVDs started to be a bit too small for all those gigabytes of photography, and more and more computers came without CD drives. To be up to date with modern technology and make it better for clients, photographers switched to USB drives – small but capacious, coming in all different shapes and sizes and packed in lovely boxes, they became new medium for photography. Something newlyweds hoped to keep for years to come and be able to come back to their wedding day images whenever they wanted.
It’s been just about five years, and some people already find their DVDs useless, and looks like our lovely little pen drives might go out of use as well in not so distant future. Anybody even remembers floppy discs?:) Through all those years and technology changes there’s been just one thing that never gets old or difficult to use – paper. My parents still have their prints of wedding pictures, every time I go home I still like to come back my own photo album with pictures from childhood and school, there’s a picture of my mum when she was about 20 years old hanging on the wall in my bedroom. But I don’t remember last time I came back to one of hundreds of folders with pictures from holidays or parties from the last five years.

That is why I decided to put my personal pictures together into albums this year. And finally hang some prints on my walls (and there’s so many empty white walls in my flat!). Year 2015 will be my ‘back to paper’ year.

And I would love you to do the same – get your wedding pictures and beautiful portraits in albums and frames. Keep your images right there, so close, you can reach out and see them whenever you want (without the hustle and waiting for your computer to start up).
Starting this year you will be able to order beautiful proffesional prints and wall art directly from your client gallery and of course get a classy album from me, as always.
I use fantastic FOLIO albums, which come in variety of covers and are ecological, made locally in UK and printed on high quality papers.

You can wait with ordering your album until after the wedding (putting one on your gift registry is a great idea if your budget is tight!), or do it upfront when booking the wedding photography date – in this case there’s a discount to grab! Just send me an email and I will give you all the details!

If you'd like me to photograph you just give me a shout!